Providing Quality Disability Services

Cogentica advocates for disabled people and runs analytical research. Our focus is on people with disabilities.

Welcome to Cogentica

We are a research and disability advocacy organization focused on people with disabilities. However, we also do studies on the workforce, the elderly, medical patients, students, and many others.

We can conduct detailed literature reviews, create surveys, design studies, analyze existing data, and more.

Being a research firm, our major emphasis is quality research reports. We also develop surveys, employment tests, databases, Powerpoint presentations with graphics, EEOC compliance evaluations, and more.

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Services We Offer

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Cogentica provides a variety of analytical services tailored to meet the needs of its clients

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Cogentica’s experts have years of experience in developing selection devices for industry and education

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Discrimination & Disability

We’ll direct you to an appropriate remedy for discrimination with our legal partners. Also, we can do research to find out whether discrimination has occurred

Disability Information

We offer information to help inform and empower people with disabilities.

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Visit our blog to read about disability. Stop by the comments to discuss ideas with people who share your interests.

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Disability Statistics

Our statistics include data gathered from the government, nonprofits, and our own surveys. Our subscribers help us choose topics important to the disabled community.

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Disability Registry

Sign up for this confidential registry for opportunities to participate in studies, surveys, conferences, and other volunteer and paid positions.

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Survey Results

Read the results of our different surveys.


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