About Cogentica

Who We Are

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Cogentica believes in helping disabled people through research.

Dr. Robin Akins created Cogentica in 2015. We run national and regional disability surveys. Then we use the data to highlight the needs of the disabled community.

We aim to build a friendly community for disabled people. Our blog offers a space to chat and share thoughts. We also showcase books, products, and groups for disabled people.

We believe in a better world for disabled people. This means fighting stereotypes and disability discrimination. By sharing information, we hope to bring light to these issues. Disabled people are an important part of our society, after all. Everyone deserves inclusion.

Please feel free to join our mailing list and visit our surveys and blog.

Above all, we want to help disabled people. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to work with us.

Nothing About Us, Without Us!

Rob is a service-disabled veteran. He believes that disability research must include and focus on disabled people.

Disabled people also write many of our blog articles. After all, who understands disabilities better than disabled people ourselves?

Research Services From Cogentica

Need help with research? Contact us! We offer research services for business and government. Check out our capability statement for more info.

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