How to Attract Differently-Abled Hires to Your Business

How to Attract Differently-Abled Hires to Your Business

Hiring employees is a vital part of building a thriving business. You must establish hiring criteria for each role your business wants to fill. To hire differently-abled employees, your business must make the work environment accessible, inclusive, and comfortable. Cogentica has a few ideas you can implement to make your business more attractive to differently-abled people.

Preparing To Hire People

Hiring differently-abled people can help your business promote a more inclusive culture and enhance its brand standing. However, before beginning hiring employees, your business must have an employer identification number, or EIN, which the IRS uses as a tax ID. Each state has a way of identifying businesses for licensing and taxation, too. If your business is in Quinton, Alabama, you can apply and get a state tax ID number in 3 business days. You need a method for tax withholding and onward remittance to the state and federal authorities. Businesses have to keep these records properly for 6 years.

Use Inclusive Language in Company Communication

If your business wants to welcome more differently-abled people, review its communication material for any biased language. This includes job advertisements, company profiles, and posts on social media. People who speak on behalf of your business must avoid sharing comments and views that may be interpreted to mean the business is unfriendly to differently-abled persons. In fact, training may be necessary to champion inclusive language in your business.

Ensure the Company Website Is Accessible

Your business must familiarize itself with and adhere to relevant web accessibility laws and policies in the jurisdictions in which it operates. This way, people who are differently abled can access and apply for career opportunities within the business. Once they come on board, the business must provide them with the tools they need to be as productive as everyone else in the business.

Install Adequate Physical Accommodations in the Workplace

Your workplace must reflect an accommodative culture for differently-abled persons. Designate parking spots for them, and make walkways and lobbies accessible to wheelchairs. Get advice on the right office lighting to accommodate persons who may be uncomfortable with too much light while working. Employees with auditory challenges need access to noise-canceling headphones if they must use a shared workspace.

Allow Flexible Working Hours

A company that wants to attract differently-abled hires has to be flexible about employee working schedules. In fact, the HR manager must exercise discretion when managing flexible work arrangements. Some employees may request to come in early and leave early to avoid sitting in traffic for too long. Others may have regular appointments with their doctors, thus needing time off from work. Your business must avoid making them feel guilty for needing such accommodation.  

Create Special Internship Opportunities

Internships are a prime way for companies to set aside career-growth opportunities for certain demographics. From the pool of interns, the business can fast-track the hiring of those who are a good fit for permanent roles. 

It Requires a Strategy

To deliver a truly inclusive working environment, be deliberate about office policies. Implement a strategy for company communication, hiring, working hours, and the physical and electronic accommodations necessary for differently-abled persons. 

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