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Cogentica receives commissions from the sales of any of the Cheech & Chung products shown on these pages. This revenue is used directly to support this website and the disability research it conducts. About one-third of the proceeds go to non-profit disability organizations and to disabled contest winners who participate in our online registry.

I have personally used CBD for many years since I am a disabled veteran with neuropathy in all my limbs, arthritis in every joint, and knee replacements twice done. Since I have kidney disease, I can’t take the effective doctor prescribed painkillers. I have used curcumin successfully to combat inflammation but the chronic pain has caused a lot of misery. Along comes legal CBD and it is indeed effective in dulling the pain and helping me sleep. I wholeheartedly endorse the Cheech & Chong’s gummies and drops and I think they will make you a believer!

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