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cogentica’Ree Edition Certificate – Terms and Conditions The purchase of this “Get On The List” certificate ensures the certificate holder a place on the sales list of the production, of the Cogentica Edition , which, may, or may not, be produced in a given model year, or produced at all. The monies paid by the certificate holder, for this certificate, is purely for the purchase of the certificate, itself, and the certificate only. All sales of certificates are final. There are no refunds. The stated intent of purchasing the certificate, is to document the certificate holder will be on the sales list. The certificates are all numbered, to allow the registration of the certificate, and the original certificate holder. The numbering has absolutely nothing to do with any ordering position, unit production sequence, or any other form of the cogentica’Ree Edition Muscle Trucks being manufactured or produced. The certificate is straightforwardly, only assures the certificate holder, a place on the sales list, of which, the certificate holder, holds all rights to give, sell or auction their certificate, and transfer all rights of their certificate to the transferred person or entity.



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