Disability Products

We love these fun, colorful, and sometimes sassy products created by people with disabilities. They make perfect gifts for someone you love, or you can treat yourself.

Multicolor unicorn pin with the words "Spoonie-corn warrior"
Enamel Spoonie-Corn Warrior Pin by Chronically Divine ($8.15)
Chronic illness pins
Spoonie Engraved Keychains by One Spoon At a Time ($4.25)
Brain-shaped sticker with bold swirling rainbow colors and black lines
Neurodiversity Sticker by NeuroRebel ($3.12)
Three pins with the words "Please don't talk to me," "Please leave me alone" and "I'm feeling chatty today"
Mood Badges by Doodle Beth ($2.04)
Chewable Annular Pendant Necklace by Stimtastic ($8)
Two cloud-shaped pins with a moon symbol and the words "Brain Fog." One pin is glittery and one is not.
Brain Fog Pins by Chronically Divine ($8.15)
Beaded keychains in different colors
Fidget Keychains by All Things Sensory ($3)
Two rainbow glitter pins with the words "Not your inspiration"
Not Your Inspiration pins by Doodle Beth ($2.04)
Infinity Spinner Ring by Stimtastic ($9.50)
Light blue t shirt with the words "Autism acceptance & appreciation"
Autism Acceptance Shirt by Amythest Schaber ($19.90)
Sticker of a cane with a ribbon with the words "I'm not too young. End the stigma" written on the ribbon
Cane Sticker by One Spoon At A Time
A colorful poster with the words "Respect the Stim" and four drawings of stimming hands
Respect the Stim Poster by The Autistic Life ($16.70)