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Our Redbubble features art by Jenna Breunig.

Our RedBubble products are available in different formats. For example, if you see it as a sticker but would like it as a mug, it’s probably a mug too. Just click on it to see your options!

Practical Product Ideas

These essentials can make life easier for disabled people.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This supports the site and our disability research at no extra cost to you. One-third of our revenues goes to non-profit disability organizations and some to disabled individuals who are subscribers to our disability registry.(More info)

For those looking for some of the best designed crutches and other mobility aids, look no further than mobility.designed. They have awesome crutches that are made for the comfort and durability that disabled individuals demand. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Looking for your perfect wheelchair? We have you covered: Click here!

Support Disabled Creators

We love these fun, colorful, and sometimes sassy products created by people with disabilities. They make perfect gifts for someone you love, or you can treat yourself.

Enamel Spoonie-Corn Warrior Pin by Chronically Divine ($8.15)
Neurodiversity Sticker by NeuroRebel ($3.12)
Brain Fog Pins by Chronically Divine ($8.15)
Fidget Keychains by All Things Sensory ($3)
Infinity Spinner Ring by Stimtastic ($9.50)
Mood Badges by Doodle Beth ($2.04)
Respect the Stim Poster by The Autistic Life ($16.70)
Spoonie Engraved Keychains by One Spoon At a Time ($4.25)
Autism Acceptance Shirt by Amythest Schaber ($19.90)
Cane Sticker by One Spoon At A Time
Not Your Inspiration pins by Doodle Beth ($2.04)

Gifts for the Disabled

Gifts for the Disabled

I know many individuals with disabilities have compromised immune systems and they like to keep everything as clean as possible. Now you can clean the air of some nasty germs. Check out the link below:

New Essential Wellbeing Set! Includes the Terrafuse Diffuser with Germ Fighter, Sleep Tight and Relax Essential Oil Blends – Shop NOW!
Hemp Extract Full Spectrum 15 mg Softgels …

Our line of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is designed to support overall health and well  [More]

Price: $14.97

Cogentica earns commissions on sales at Plant Therapy below. Sales support the operations and content on this site. One-third of revenue goes to non-profit disability organizations and some to disabled individuals who are subscribers to our disability registry.

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