Disclosure & Transparency

We want to be clear on what we do. So we took time to write about how things work.

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Amazon Associate? What’s That?

Sometimes, you might see this statement in an article:

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This supports the site at no extra cost to you.

Rob Akins from Cogentica is an Amazon Associate. If you click one of our links to an Amazon product and then decide to buy something, then he gets a commission. This is at no extra cost to you. It helps offset the cost of maintaining the site.

However, we do our best to keep things fair and unbiased. So we won’t recommend something if we think it’s a bad idea.

You’re under no obligation to click any of the links or to buy things that you don’t want to buy.

We want to be fair to all artists whose work we use. Thus, most of our stock photos come from Pexels, which allows sharing without attribution. We would never want to take someone’s photos without permission.

Jenna Breunig from EpiBuild draws the artwork. This includes the drawings you see in the blog, on social media, and in our RedBubble shop. She got paid for it and Cogentica owns the art according to her contract. Also, she hopes you enjoys the art and loves seeing feedback on it!

By Disabled People, For Disabled People

Rob Akins is a service-disabled veteran who founded Cogentica with a desire to serve people with disabilities.

Jenna Breunig is a neurodivergent writer, artist, and website person. She also has a hypermobility disorder, which means that her fingers can bend backward.