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Improving Life Expectancy: My Supplement Plan

Life expectancy in the United States is continuing to drop.

A few reasons include:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Suicides
  • Diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Covid-19

Stress appears to be on the rise too. Mental illnesses like anxiety and depression can increase suicide risk. Without proper treatment, they can also lead to medical problems like high blood pressure.

In fact, Dhruv Khullar highlights the problem in his article “How Social Isolation is Killing Us.” He believes that loneliness causes stress, and this can lead to illness and early death. Without a sense of community, health suffers.

My name is Robin Akins and I am a Quantitative Psychologist with over 40 years of research experience. This information troubles me. I’ve taken action for my own health.


I choose supplements carefully based on established research and personal experience. I hope they will improve my own life expectancy.

Nicotinamide Riboside

Research suggests that nicotinamide riboside may extend life. This chemical helps with DNA repair. It decreases in the body with age.

I decided to start taking this supplement. If it improves my quality of life and adds a few months or years to my life, it’s worth it.

This supplement is involved in some serious university clinical studies. So far, the side effects and safety look better than other supplements.

Personally, I feel more energized than I have in the last five years.


I’ve been taking curcumin for many years. It’s derived from the spice tumeric. It’s used to fight inflammation and pain, both of which I experience from my arthritis and neuropathy.

Since I have kidney disease and can’t take normal pain medication, I need substitutes. Curcumin with bioperine (which helps absorption) has been a lifesaver for me. It’s amazing at relieving pain and inflammation from my arthritis.

In the case of curcumin, research supports the hype. WebMD and other sites offer info on studies about its benefits.

Recently, I ran a nationwide study on pain. Most respondents said their pain relief was only somewhat effective. Less than 5% of them used curcumin. That’s not enough info to find out how well it works.

Still, anecdotal evidence suggests it’s great for pain and inflammation relief.

Give it a Try!

My survey found that many disabled people face high levels of chronic pain, and they don’t get enough relief. It’s often inflammatory, so curcumin might help.

I would encourage disabled people with inflammatory pain to talk to a doctor about curcumin. It may not help with only aging, but pain relief.

Always talk to your doctor about supplements before trying them. For example, curcumin can thin the blood, so check first. Try bringing along some research results. Doctors aren’t always up to date on supplement research, so you could teach them something new.

I believe that these supplements can enhance people’s quality of life. I find they’re well worth the cost. Try talking to your doctor about trying them.

Good luck with your aging process!

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