The Future

Disability Researchers is a dynamic company and we plan to offer much more on this site that will benefit our population of disabled people, regardless of their disability. We will have a blog and a registry for our subscribers. We will let our subscribers help us set our agenda as a company, thus we will need subscribers to make this venture a success. The bottom line is that this site is for the benefit of our subscribers, particularly the disabled

Over the last couple of months we have incorporated some more changes to the site. We are pleased that we are now showing some of our survey results from our nationwide surveys on our site.  We have included more content that we believe will be of interest to our subscribers, including our articles on disability discrimination, social isolation, survey research, types of disability, an overview of analytical research and a short section on life expectancy.

We are also selling a few products on our site to both maintain the site and to provide funds for our charitable giving. We give 50 percent of our profits to charitable disability organizations. Please check the site menu for disability products and disability books.