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Disability Blog

Cogentica’s Disability Blog

Welcome to Cogentica’s blog!

Cogentica, LLC was established in March 2015 and does business as Disability Researchers. We aim to provide research that helps disabled and elderly people.

A major part of our research will be analyzing the existing databases and survey data we collect from our subscribers and online. Our members help us determine the company’s priorities in terms of our site, research, and other activities.

Our blog articles and social sections are free to use. You’re welcome to read articles, discuss ideas, and try submitting your own post.

We have a few rules.

  • Please be respectful to others.
  • Limit political talk and stay respectful of differing opinions.
  • Please don’t swear or engage in too much negativity. Those may be fine on other sites, but not here.

We want our blog to be a positive, friendly community for everyone.

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